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Слова песни "Zaljubljena" Selma Bajrami

Перевод на: EN

Vrijeme je da nekud krenem ja
tjeraju, me kao djavola
ja nisam svetica
ali ni nocna prijateljica

Lopova i mangupa
i njihovih sestrica
ja sam samo zaljubljena u
zaljubljena u

Zaljubljena sam ja
u tog malog secera
zaljubljena sam ja
sad bi samo plesala


It's time for me to go somewhere
They're chasing me out like the devil
I am not a saint
But I am also not a one night stand.

Crooks and rascals
And their sisters
I am just in love with
In love with

I am just in love
With that bit of sugar
I am in love
And I just want to dance now.