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Слова песни "Dağlara Gel" Grup Yorum

Перевод на: EN

başına bir hal gelirse canım
dağlara gel dağlara
seni saklar vermez ele canım
dağlara gel dağlara

bu canım aşka düşeli canım
aşk odu ile pişeli
yeşil dağlar menekşeli canım
dağlara gel dağlara

gevheri düştüm dillere canım
diyarı gurbet ellere
billahi vermem ellere canım
dağlara gel dağlara

if something bad happens to you, dear
to mountains, come to mountains
it hides you, doesn't turn you in, dear
to mountains, come to mountains

since my soul fell in love, dear
since it was cooked by the fire of love
green mountains have been full of violets, dear
to mountains, come to mountains

i, gevheri, fell upon tongues, dear (ie, people talk about me, or my poems)
to the foreign lands (that is, i fell=went to the foreign lands)
by god, i don't give you to others
to mountains, come to mountains