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Слова песни "Speak for Me" Jaci Velasquez

What have I to offer
to a world in need
yet for some unknown reason
you have chosen me

Lord youve set my journey
you prepared the way
Still, Im desperate for the words to say

All I am is Willing
All i have is in your hands

Speak for me, this my plea
Say the words i cant express
Sing for me a Heavenly melody
that the people will be blessed
Speak for me

Every brief encounter
That you send my way
Is it just to show the love you gave me?
I see their troubled faces
A hunger deep inside
Lord, I depend on you to touch their lives

Light what burns within me
Let your Truth shine through my life

sing for me, set me fre
And they will see your holiness
Speak for me

(cause your love will lead them to heavens gate
where they can look upon your face)

You're all i have to offer to a world in need