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Слова песни "Madar" Mahasti

Перевод на: EN

to ey madar ke yek omre delet ba ghosse hamsaze
saboorihaye to madar mano be gerye mindaze
mesle yek tefle khab alood man mohtaje aghoosham
az an lalaee hat bekhoon bazam toye goosham

baraye sarneveshte man to delvapast tarin boody
baraye ashkhaye man hamishe astin boody
to ey hamishe ghamkharam
to ey mahramtarin yaram
be name namiye madar
hamishe doostet daram
navazesh kon mara ba dast
ke farzande to ghamgine
ki mikhad ba'd az in
to ghalbe man jaye to benshine

gole man
rozegar rozi toro az shakhe michine
dar aghoosham begir madar
ke rasme rozegar ine

Oh Mother,that your heart is a companion for griefs a lifetime
your patiences make me cry
like a sleepy baby, I need (your) bosom
sing your lullabys in my ears again

you were the most anxious one about my destiny
you were sleeve for my tears always
O my companion, forever
O the most sincere friend of mine
I swear by the precious name of Mother
that I love you forever
pat me with your hand
cause your bairn is sad
who wants after this...
sit in my heart instead of you?

O my flower
life would pick you up someday
embrace me, O Mother
that is the costum of life