Слова песни "Na Sawal Banke Mila Karo" Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

Перевод на: EN

Na Sawal Banke Mila Karo Na Jawab Banke Mila Karo
Meri Zindagi Mere Khwaab Hain Mujhe Khwab Banke Mila Karo

Har Ek Shaam Ko Mere Dosto Na Azaab Banke Mila Karo
Mujhe Mehqadeh Mein Milo Agar To Sharab Banke Mila Karo

Mujhe Achhe Log Bahut Mile Main To Unke Qarz Se Mar Gaya
Agar Ho Sake To Kabhi Kabhi To Kharab Banke Mila Karo

Abhi Sochna Hai To Soch Lo Hamein, Abhi Chhodna Hai To Chhod Do
Naye Mausamon Mein Milo Mujhe To Gulab Banke Mila Karo

Na To Is Tarah Se Mila Karo Na To Us Tarahse Mila Karo
Haan Hazoor Banke Mila Karo Haan Janaab Banke Mila Karo...

Don't meet me as a question, don't meet me as an answer
My life is my dreams, meet me as a dream

Don't meet me, my friends, every evening as a torment
If you meet me in the tavern then meet me as wine

I've known a lot of good people, I've died under the burden of their favors
Sometimes, if possible, meet me as a bad person

If you want to think of me then think of me right now, if you want to leave me then leave me right now
If you meet me in a new season then meet me as a rose

Don't meet me like this, don't meet me like that
Yes, meet me as Your Highness, Yes meet me as Milord