Слова песни "Ali Maula Ali Maula Ali Dam Dam (English version)" Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

Remember Ali
-Cry out Together
Ali is the shelter of the destitute
Ali Master Ali Master Ali in every breath
Hundreds and Thousands times say Ali in every breath
Ali in our hearts
Ali in our breaths
Ali all around us
Ali in our eyes
The resting place of lovers is Ali's way
May Allah Keep All of Us In Ali's Shelter
Dearest of Mohammad Ali is the Light on Light (Noor Ala Noor)
-Allah Allah, Ali appears in Kaba
Ali Master Ali Master
Ali is the Master of those of whom the Prophet is his Master
Ali is saint of saints and cheers for hearts
Ali is the crown of the Saints' Heads
Ali is the ascent (Miraj) for momineen
How could I count and tell the kindness of Ali
Knowing Ali is Knowing Allah
The world knows powers of Ali
Ali is the Lion of Allah, his grandeur is higher
Ali is the Complete Imaan, the Declaration of the Prophet
Ali is the supreme portrait (jamaal) of dignity (Hashmi)
Ali is the one who gives dignity to those who do not have anyone to protect their dignity