Слова песни "Dale Moj Dale" Poni

Перевод на: EN

Ne mengjes pa zbardhur drita
Me zgjoi nje ze u ngrita
Shkonte vasha shkonte Vita
Ajo qe shkonte perdita

**Dale moj dale
Dale sa te vij edhe une
Pritem moj pritem
Pritem se te dua shume**

Kam dy dite sot edhe dje
Te prisja djale te vije
Tek burimi ne korije
Te mblidhnin kokrra lajthie

Me beso moj grykezene
Te ziun c’me gjeti mbreme
Iken dhente dhe m’u trembne
Gjezdisa malin me kembe

in the morning when the sun has not shown yet
a voice awoke me and i got up
the girl was passing(going by) Vita was passing (i think it's saying that the girls name is vita)
the same one(girl) that passed every day

wait girl wait
wait until i have come with you
wait for me girl wait
wait for me, because i love you very much

there has been two days, today and yesterday
i was waiting for you boy, to come
to the spring in the grove
so we could gather hazlenuts (together)

you have to believe me you that has the closed up throat(grykezene means that the person is quiet/shy i think)
let me greive of what happened to me last night
the sheep escaped and got scared
i travelled all of the mountain by foot