Слова песни "車輪の軸" Galileo Galilei

Перевод на: EN


軋みがちな 車輪の軸に さあ油をさして 床を転がしてみよう
散らかりがちな デスクの上を かきわけながら 煙を吐いて進む

頬杖つく人たちの 腕のアーチ橋をくぐって

キスして手を乗せよう あしたのまぶたに
手を振る誰かは 君に似ている
そっと指で摘んで そばにいてくれと
育て飽きた花を 愛せるか

飽きてみても 見つけてみても 何もなくて 何もなくて
間に合わせで つくった軸を いつまでもつかな どこまでもつかな

電車を待つ人たちを ぼんやりを横切って


キスしてさようならだ 過ぎ去ってく日々に
手をもつ誰かは 君に似ている
ぎゅっと指でつかむ ハンカチ風に舞う
見飽きた手品を 愛せたら

もういちど ほら、もういちど

It's squeaky, huh. Oil the axle, and let's try rolling it along the floor
It's a mess, huh. On the desk, as it pushes its way through, smoke boils out

Passing under the arched bridges, of the arms of those with their chins in their hands

With a kiss I lay my hands on the eyelids of tomorrow
Whoever that is waving looks a lot like you
Softly pinching my finger, saying please stay with me
Can you love a flower you've grown tired of raising?

Even if I try losing interest, even if I try finding it, there's nothing, there's nothing
A makeshift axle will never get there, will never get there

The people waiting for the train, absentmindedly crossing
Chasing after them

With a kiss, I say goodbye to the days passing by
Whoever that is holding my hand looks a lot like you
Tightly grabbing my finger, the handkerchief dances in the wind
If I could love you, I'd do that tired magic trick again

One more time, look, one more time