Amr Diab "Mesh Kol Wa7ed (مش كل واحد)" Слова песни

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Mesh Kol Wa7ed (مش كل واحد)

مش كل واحد جنب منى عزيز عليا ولا كل غايب عن عنيا هقول بعيدفى ناس ناسيهم قلبى وهما قصاد عنياوناس مجرد افتكرها بكون سعيد(X2)

اة اة اة

البعد عمره ما كان سفر لمكان بعيدوالقرب مكان عمره فى ناس موجودة جنبىفى ناس وهما معايا بردة بكون وحيدوفى حبايب مهما تبعد جوة قلبى

ومهما اقلك يا حبيبى على اللى بيا مش كفايةبعدى عنك يا حبيبى اد اية فارق معايا(X4)

Msh Kol Wahed - Not Everyone

Not everyone's beside to me is precious, nor every absent from my eyes I'll say he's away there're people who my heart forgets 'em while they're off my eyes and there're people when I remember, I'd be happy (X2)

Ah Ah Ah

the remoteness never was to travel to a far place and the closeness never was people being beside me there're people I'm lonely whatever they're beside me and lovers whatever they're far, they're in my heart

whatever I tell you babe about what's inside me, it's not enough being far from you babe it does matter too much to me (X4)