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"Song To My Parents" paroles

Traduction vers: PT

I need to say these things cause I love you so
And I'm sorry you get angry when I say that you just don't know
But there's a Heaven waiting for you and me
I know it seems every time we talk I'm only trying to just make you see

And it's only that I care
I really only want just to see you there

Please try and overlook my human side
I know I'm such a bad example and you know I'm so full of pride
But Jesus isn't like that, now He's perfect all the way
I guess that's why we need him, cause by ourselves, there's just no way

And it's only that I care
I really, really only just want to see you there

To see you there

Close the doors, there're just not coming
We sent the invitations out a long, long, long time ago
We're still gonna have a wedding feast
Big enough to feed them all
The greatest people in the world just wouldn't come
So now we'll just have to invite the small

And it's only that I care
I really, really only want just to see you there

Isn't that Jesus? Isn't it Joseph and Mary's son?
Well didn't he grow up right here? He played with our children
What, he must be kidding? Thinks he a prophet
But prophets don't grow up from little boys

Do they, from little boys? Do they?