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"I Remember You" paroles

Traduction vers: TR

If that smile,
that smile within your eyes
Were frozen for a moment
I'd gaze on it forever.
If that glance, that look of sad surprise
Were captured for a moment
We might have stayed together.

But now you've gone away
And who's to say it ever happened.
I have nothing but a memory
To remember you by.

Now I know that flame within your heart
Could vanish so completely
You are lost to me forever.

If I'd known that I'd be left alone
That passion must be cherished
I would have clung to you forever.
You may say I threw it all away
But no one ever told me
Our passion was going to die.

Not a word, not a look
Not a sound, not a sigh
What can I remember you by ?

Language: English

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