Paul Anka "Papa (Last version)" paroles

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Papa (Last version)

Everyday my papa would workTo (go) try to make ends meetTo see that we would eatKeep those shoes upon my feetEvery night my papa would take meAnd tuck me in my bedKiss me on my headAfter all my prayers were said

And there were yearsOf sadness and of tearsThrough it allTogether we were strongWe were strong(The)Times were roughBut Papa he was tough(And) Mama (she) stood beside him all along

Growing up with them was easyThe time (just) had flew on byThe years began to flyThey aged and so did I

And I could tellThat mama she wasn't well(And) Papa knew and deep down so did sheSo did she(And) When she diedPapa broke down and he criedAnd all he could say was, "God, why her? Take me!"

Everyday he sat there sleeping in (his)a rocking chairHe never went upstaisBecause she wasn't there

Then one day my Papa said,"Son, I'm proud of how you've grown"He said, "Go out and make it on your own.(And) Don't worry. I'm O.K. alone."

He said, "There are things that you must do"He said, "There's places you must see"And his eyes were sad as heAs he said goodbye to me

Every time I kiss my childrenPapa's words ring trueHe said, "(Your) Children (will) live through you.They'll grow! They'll leave you, too"

I remember every word (my) Papa used to sayI kiss my kids and prayThat they'll think of meOh how I prayThey will think of meThat waySomeday

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