The Pierces "Turn On Billie" paroles

When I woke up this afternoon
I knew I felt uneasy.
But no matter what I'd do
nothing seemed to please me.
I couldn't get out of my head
that little fight we had last night.
Though I would much rather be dead
than admit to myself
that you were right.
Oh, oh, oh, oh

Don't be silly,
turn on Billie.
She's singing us to sleep
so we can dream our lives away.
And if we wake up in full makeup,
we'll paint the town blue
'cause baby, red is so passe.

Now don't look at me that way.
You know I just can't take it.
And no matter what they say
I know that we will make it.
Cause when we are good, we're grand
but when we're bad we are very bad.
But I stick around 'cause the love
that you're giving me is the best
I've ever had.
Oh, oh, oh, oh

[repeat chorus]

And it's funny to me,
the way that things have worked out.
There's no doubt (in my mind)
that you can't recall
what this all was about.
So let's give it up.

Love me sweetly and completely
Come and sit beside me
'cause you know I need you near.
When you're wheelin'
with that feelin'
we'll paint the town pink
'cause baby, red is so last year.

[repeat chorus]