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Ionut Cercel "Cere-mi orice" paroles

Traduction vers: EN BG

Ramai cu mine, ramai o clipa
Da-mi un minut din viatza ta
Tu pentru mine tu esti sortita
Esti toata mangaierea mea

REF: Cere-mi orice ,daca vrei iti dau si viatza
Cere-mi orice , cere-mi visul si speranta
Cere-mi orice , sa ramai numai cu mine
Ca m-am obisnuit cu tine...X 2

Gandul imi zboara numai la tine
Si stau numai suparat
Eu nu imi vad viatza fara tine
Si nu stiu ce sa maï fac

stay with me , stay a moment
give me a minut from ur life
u are the chosen one for me
u are all my caress

ask me for everything, if u want i would u my life
ask me for everything , ask me for the dream , the hope
ask me for everything , to stay only with me
cause i got used to u

my thought flies only at u
and i stay upset all the time
i cant see my life without u
and i dont know what else can i do