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Dragon Ball Z (OST) "Aitsu wa Son Goku (あいつは孫悟空)" paroles

Traduction vers: EN

あいつは誰? あいつは誰?
光る雲に 飛び乗ったらFLYING

澄んだ瞳 鍛えた技
緑の地球(ほし) 守るためにFIGHTING

Wonder Boy・・・何故なんだ?
Wonder Boy・・・ピンチでも
やけに涼し気な 目がたまらないぜ

孫悟空 夢を描き続ける
孫悟空 おまえこそがヒーロー
どんな手強い 敵に挑まれても

あいつは誰? あいつは誰?
愛のために 限界までBURNING

拳握る 鋭い顔
子供を抱き 見せる笑顔CHANGING

Wonder Boy・・・不思議だぜ
Wonder Boy・・・めげた時
おまえ見ていると 勇気が出るのさ

孫悟空 逃げる事を知らない
孫悟空 おまえこそがヒーロー
指先から 稲妻飛び散れば
愛に歯向かう 敵はいないさ

一粒の涙 落ちたこと・・・

★ (repeat)

☆ (repeat)

Who is that guy? Who is that guy?
Flying, as he jumps upon a shining cloud
From faraway skies

With clear eyes, he trains himself
Fighting, in order to protect the green earth
The fire in his heart boils

Wonder boy... why does he do it?
Wonder boy... just a pinch
His refreshing eyes are irresistable

Son Goku, he continues to paint dreams
Son Goku, you surely are a hero
How formidable he is when he challenges his enemies
His heart's trembling is fervent power

Who is that guy? Who is that guy?
Burning from his limits, for the sake of love
He doesn't fear a thing

Grasping onto his fist, his pointed features...
Are changing into a smile as he holds his child
He's a bitter soldier

Wonder boy... he's mysterious!
Wonder boy... in diminishing time
You show us the courage you have

Son Goku, no one knows what makes you flee
Son Goku, you surely are a hero
When (power) spreads like lightning from his fingertips,
There are no enemies left to strike back at his love

...But we know
He hates the evil in the night
As a single tear falls down his face...

★ (repeat)

☆ (repeat)