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Cécile Corbel "Ma Zat" paroles

Traduction vers: EN FR PT

Tenval an eur
Tenval an deiz
Fransez ma zad
Siwazh aet
Evit ma zad e skuilhan daerou
Hen dug diwerzhan breizh
Vit ma zad e teu din an ton-man
Un ton vit ma zad kaezh

Et ces larmes sont pour mon père,
Et je maudis cent fois la guerre,
Il aimait cette terre

Dark is the hour
Dark is the day
Francis my father
Alas, he went away
For my father, I pour tears
The ancient, last Duke of Brittany
For my father, this lament comes to me
A lament for my poor father

And these tears are for my father,
And I curse war a hundred times,
He loved this land