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Marija Šerifović "Nije Mi Prvi Put" paroles

Traduction vers: EN PL RU

Nije mi prvi put da se zaledim ko led
nije ni poslednji da se ucim sta je red
vrata na pola su, bas nisam pristojna
zasto bih kucala, ne brini, to sam ja


A ko je to pored tebe nocas zaspao
a koga si na moje mesto pustio
nek ti ona telo greje
neka se u prazno smeje
pitacu te sutra ljubav gde je

Nije mi prvi put da sam ovo videla
vec dugo, dugo sve gledam u ludim snovima
u snu se devojka bez lika smejala
druga je plakala, ne brini, to sam ja

It's not my first time that I freeze like ice
nor is it the last that I study what is the order
the doors are on half, I'm not just decent
why would I knock, don't worry, that is me

And who is that tonight that fell asleep besides you
and who did you let in my place
let her warm your body
let her laugh emptily
I will ask tomorrow where is the love

It's not my first that I've seen this
yet long, long all I look in crazy dreams
in a dream a girl without a face laughed
another cried, don't worry, that is me