Mahmoud El Esseily "Beity wa Matrahy" paroles

Traduction vers: EN

دا انتي بيتي ومطرحي
ما عرافش لو تعرفي
ان انتي سكني اللي باسكن ليه وبارتاح ده قلبي صاحي

بابه هو قلبك وعينيكي شبابيك
بتخليني اشوف النور اللي انا محتاج ليه

وانتي حياتي ودنياتي
وده املي وفرحتي
وانتي سندي وقوتي ودي زادي في رحلتي

وتعالي احنا بقينا لبعضنا
كنا اتنين وهانبقى واحد طول عمرنا

You are my home and my place (where I belong)
I don't know if you know
That you are where I live and relax - where my heart is awake

It's door is your heart and your eyes are its windows
You make me see the light that I need

You are my life and my world
And that is my hope and happiness
You are my support and strength and that pushes me to go on

Come to me we are made for each other
The two of us will be one for all of our lives