Galileo Galilei "Arigatou gomen ne (ありがとう ごめん ね)" paroles

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胸の中 悲しみ溢れて息はとぎれとぎれ
弱音を吐いてみる 自分の弱さに吐き気がする

許せない事たくさん わからないこともたくさんある

わからないよ 君が何を考えてるのか

かんからら 空っぽの気持ち




ゆらゆらら 昇る太陽が

なんでだろう声が聞こえない 咳払い 君は黙ってしまって

よく言われた言葉は 今も分かっちゃいないんだ

ひらひらら 変わりゆく気持ち
太りすぎた孤独 弾けてしぼむ

ほら月が空に沈んだよ 向こうで君が笑った

だれにでも朝は来る いやでも陽の光を浴び
誰かに影落とす 自分の姿そのままに

ありがとうごめんね さすがにもう眠いよね
今夜色々わかったよ 答えでも何でもないけれど

From my heart, sadness escapes in ragged breaths
I try to complain and my own weakness mades me sick

There are many things I don't allow,
and many things I don't know as well
I abandoned all the questions I can't carry in my arms

I don't know
What are you thinking?

My instinct tells me
The empty feeling I breathed out will be back again soon

It's always like this
Long periods of isolation in the night will make me fat

I'm always spellbound by the cactus in the window
Through the phone I hear the sound of you sighing

Today and tomorrow become one night

Swaying, swaying, the rising sun
The shadow of the cactus falls on me

Why can't I hear your voice?
I clear my throat
You were completely silent
I noticed the room was cold

"If you want to understand yourself, first you must separate yourself from your partner."
I finally understand the words that were often said

Flickering, feelings start to change
My fat loneliness bursts opens and deflates

Look, the moon went down in the sky
On the other side you smiled

The morning comes for everyone
Whether you like it or not you'll be bathed in the sun's light
In the shadows, my form stay like this

Thank you, I'm sorry
I'm already really sleepy
I learned a few things tonight
But I didn't answer anything