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Mahsun Kırmızıgül "Hemşerim" paroles

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Mesken tuttum gurbet eli
Zindan olur geceleri
Hasret sarmış bedenimi
Canım hemşerim

Ah hemşerim vah hemşerim
Memleketimi özledim
Anam babam bir tarafta
Yari özledim

Anam hasta gidemedim
Kıymetini bilemedim
Son nefeste göremedim
Yandım hemşerim

I dwelt in a foreign place far from my homeland
It became like a prison to me in the nights
Longing enveloped my body
My beloved countryman

Oh my countryman; what a pity, my countryman
I missed my hometown
My mother and father in one way
[And in another way entirely] I missed my beloved

I could not go when my mother was ill
I did not appreciate her value
I could not see her at her last breath
I burned with bitter regret, my countryman