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t.A.T.u. "Nas ne dogonyat (Нас не догонят) - Short Version #2" paroles

Traduction vers: EN

Только скажи,
Дальше нас двое.
Мы убежим,
Нас не догонят.

Только скажи,
Дальше мы вместе.
Мы убежим.
Встречная, 200.

Небо уронит
Ночь на ладони.
Нас не догонят,
Нас не догонят.

Нас не догонят...

(repeat all)

Just say
And then there will be the two of us.
We'll run away.
They're not gonna get us.

Just say
And then we'll be together.
We'll run away.
The wrong lane of the road, 200 km/h.

The sky will let fall
The night on the palms.
They're not gonna get us,
Not gonna get us.

Not gonna get us...

(repeat all)