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Ceca "Devojko vestice" paroles

Traduction vers: EN RU UK

Misliš li na mene,
tugo garava,
Ili ti je ravno
sve do Kosova ?
Ljubila sam jagnje, ujeo me vuk.
Sad zbog neke druge,
piješ kao smuk.

Devojko veštice,
Srećnice i grešnice,
Vrati ga, volim ga
Jer ljubav nema granice.

Sevnula je munja, udari me grom
Dokle ćeš ti tako,
terati po svom.
Tražio si mnogo, imao si sve
A ja samo zmiju
da me otruje.


Do you think of me
dirty love
Or is it to you flat
all to Kosova* (are you not concerned at all)
I kissed a lamb, a wolf bit me
Now because of some other girl
you drink like a snake

Girl, you witch,
Lucky and sinner
Return him, I love him
Because love has no bounds

Lightning shot through, thunder struck me
As long as you so
go by your own way
You asked for a lot, you had everything
And I just a snake
to be poisoned

* "Ravno do kosova" is colloquial for not being concerned; it literally means "flat to Kosovo"