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Tamer Hosny "Start with yourself" paroles

Traduction vers: EN

إبدا بنفسك إغلب شطانك ونفسك الاماره بالسوء
إبدا بنفسك إغلب شيطانك لا الدنيا تاخدك إلحق فوق
مش هبص لرزق غيري وهحمد ربنا علي كرمه
......اللي يشوف الام الناس بجد يهون عليه المه

وهحافظ علي لساني ومفيش كلام علي حد مش موجود
مش إحترام إني في ضهر حد اتكلم عشان مش هقدر لو موجوده

واتعلم إزاي اتكلم واتناقش رغم الاختلاف
واسمع راي غيري واحترمه ولا يوصل اختلافنا خلاف

هسمع كلام ابويا وامي انا لازم اكسب رضاهم
وابعد عن اللي هيدمرني وارجع في حضنهم معاهم
مش هبص لبنت ماشيه واضايقها بأي كلام وخلاص
عشان اللى مرضاهوش علي بيتي مرضاهوش علي بنات الناس

لازم اعرف اختار صحابي ويكون لي حلم عشانه بعيش
محتاج انا كل دقيقه بتضيع علي ناس متلزمنيش
والاقوي اللى يبدا يصالح حتي لو كان مش غلطان
عشان غلب شيطانه وسامح نفذ اوامر الرحمن

وعيوب كتير فينا فيها اللى يتقال واللى ميتقالش
يارب قدرنا نبعد بعيد عنا نلحق حياتنا منندمش

Start by yourself, beat your evil and your bad soul
Start by yourself, beat your evil, before your life'll be ended, wake up!
I won't look at others' graces, and and I'll thank god for his graces.
knowing people's issues, lettin' you feel your issues are so petty.

I'll keep an eye on my tongue, and won't gossip on someone ain't here.
it's disrespect, when I talk about someone in his behind, because I can't do this in his presence.

and I'll learn how to talk and discuss inspite of the difference.
and listen to other's point of view and respect it, our difference won't lead us to fight.

I'll obey dad and mom, I gotta get their satisfactions.
and leave who loses me and back to their lap.
I won't stair at any girl walkin' and won't harass her by any speech.
because what I don't wish to happen to my people, I shouldn't wish the same to other people.

Gotta know how to pick up my friends, and have a dream to live for.
need every moment which loses for unwanted poeple.
and the strongest starts to make up even if he's not guilty.
'cause he've beated his evil and forgived, excuted god's demands.

many cons we have, some of them can be told, and other can't.
may God help us to go away from 'em, rescue our life, and to never regret.