Wasis Diop "Everything is Never Quite Enough" lírica

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Moments take so very long
Who has time to fear?
Trust to set no precedent;
Why should it be accompli?
Giving you a little less
Is taking what I need
Everything is never quite enough

Let machinery fake my face
Who has time to chase?
Digital is where it is;
Love can always be replaced
Welcome to my consciousness
Welcome to our race
Everything is never quite enough

Can't see my face
what are you thinking?
Fill in the space, please
Oh let me hear you

Sterilize behind these gates,
Locked behind the green
Even if I had you here
What we had was never clear
No more words to say to you;
No more thoughts appear

Love was taking way too long
Who had breath to waste?
Tired of disappointing you;
Bored with everything I do
Every day there's less of you
Me, I've been erased

Artista: Wasis Diop
Álbum: Toxu (1998)
Language: English

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