C. C. Catch "Soul Survivor" lírica

Traducción al: RU

Lady lady Lai, you hurt me
Oh, don't make me cry
Leavin' me, oh girl, it's easy
He will say goodbye

It's a hard time for lovers
And a broken dream to you
Let me stay together
My love - forever
I never wanna
Wanna feeling blue

Be my
So-so-so-soul survivor
Oh, come on take me higher
Don't let me down, oh it's just too late, girl
So-so-so-soul survivor
It's like a burning fire
He pulls the strings of my deep emotions
Tonight, the night
It's alright

Nothing, lady, hurts forever
Stop your lipstick lies
He will spend the night together
Just with me, don't try

'Cause my love is so precious
Love will never be the same
And I'm never lonely
Cause he's the only
I never wanna
Wanna play a game

It's the night, it's the night, yeah
He'll win my heart
It's the night of my burning dream
Secret love, secret love,
Oh I wanna start
I never wanna lose you, babe
Oh, I'll never break apart