Andy Lau "回家的路 (Hui Jia De Lu)" lírica

Traducción al: EN

回家的路 數一數一生多少個寒暑
數一數起起落落的旅途 多少的笑 多少的哭

回家的路 數一數一年三百六十五
數一數日子有那些勝負 又有那些滿足

回家吧 幸福
幸福 能抱一抱父母
說一說 羞澀開口的傾訴
燈火就在 不遠闌珊處

回家吧 孤獨
孤獨 還等待著安撫
脫下那 一層一層的戲服

回家的路 數一數 一年快樂的次數
數一數 一天脾氣的起伏 甚麼是貧 甚麼是富

回家的路 數一數 歲月流走的速度
數一數 一生患難誰共處 一切慢慢清楚

回家的路 拍一拍肩上沾染的塵土
再累也一樣堅持的腳步 回家真的幸福

On the way home, I count how many summers and winters have passed in my lifetime
I count of the ups and downs of this journey, the (many) times I’ve laughed, and cried

On the way home, I count all 365 days in a year
I count the days having victory or defeat, and also those days with full of content

Going home, I feel blessed/happy
I’m happy to be able to hug my parents
Saying a little, I’m shy to start to talk
The lights are close to waning

Going home, I feel lonely
Loneliness is also waiting to appease
It takes the layers of costumes,
blowing happiness in the middle of the fog

On the way home, I count how many times I was happy in a year
I count how ups and downs of my temperament in a day, what is poor, and rich?

On the way home, I count the flowing speed of time throughout the years
I count who can coexist with adversity in this life, everything slowly starts to makes sense

On the way home, I pat a little on the shoulders with contaminated dust
More tiring making me adhere to the same tired footsteps, going home really brings happiness