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Majida El Roumi "ادم و حنان" lírica

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ادم هو و هى حنان
شاف جنتهم فى الامكان

هما اتنين حبيبين
نبض القلب و ضى العين

سحر عيونهم يحيى قلوب
و ابتسامتهم تمحى ذنوب
لو يوم لمسوا الصخر يدوب

جايين من ورا موج و بحار
وجهوا وعدوا صحرا و نار
عدوا صحرا و نار

ادم ضم الكون بحنان
ظهر الاخضر فى الالوان
و الانسان اصبح انسان
همست باسم الحب حنان

ضمنى حسسنى بوجودك
هات ايدك يصاحبنى خلودك
خد قلبى وياك فى صعودك
ادم و حنان

هما حكايه كل اتنين
كانوا ضحكتنا صبحوا دموعنا
و بقوا فى عز الضلمه شموعنا
ادم هو و هى حنان

ادم هو و هى حنان
حلم الحب فى كل زمان

He is Adam and she is Hanan
They saw that their heaven could be possible

They are two lovers
a heartbeat and an eye glow

The magic of their eyes revives hearts and their smile erases sins.
If they ever touch a rock, it would melt.

Coming from behind waves and seas
They faced and crossed a desert and fires.

Adam embraced the universe through Hanan;
The green flourished in colors,
And the human became a human;
Hanan whispered in the name of love:

Hug me; make me feel your existence;
Take my hand with you up.

They are the story of every two people
Who were our smile and became our tears
But stayed our candles, even in the very darkness.

He is Adam and she is Hanan
The dream of love, in all times!