Imany "No Reason, No Rhyme" letra

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No Reason, No Rhyme

Now that I'm gone you know my nameNow that I'm gone you want me back againI've made up my mind, it's said and done

There's not enough sol you have me backIt's hard to process I understandIt's breakin' your heart but leavin' mine untouchedNow there I've gone is loveNow there I've goneShadows I've seen

No need to send me flowersYou're wastin' your timeI've been driveIt's just a little too lateGo on with your lifeReasons

Aquí se puede encontrar la letra de la canción No Reason, No Rhyme de Imany. O la letra del poema No Reason, No Rhyme. Imany No Reason, No Rhyme texto. También se puede conocer por título No Reason No Rhyme (Imany) texto.