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Vocaloid "【がくぽ】いまだけを【オリジナルPV】" lírica

Traducción al: EN

夏の月影 茜映す焔に ざわめき逸れ ひとりあなた追う 互いに口に出せない もどかしさ置き去りに 胸に刺さる焦がれた声と 瞳を縛る黒く長い髪 秘めた夢を希いても やすらぎは遠くて 淡い温もり 共に灯す夢より 大きな天空が 以合う人だから 運命にさかれ散るなら そのままのあなたとがいい 深く深く白い心を 紅に染め上げるかの想い 止まぬ鼓動 交わる吐息 今が全てでいい 超えた 理 明日は無いから いまだけを愛して

The summer moonlight buzzes distorted in the blue-reflected flame
I follow you alone. We can't utter a word to each other.
The frustration left behind in my chest, with my sticking burning voice
Even if the black long hair that binds my eyes restrains my hidden dreams, peace is far away
The sky that's bigger than the dream which lights together with a faint warmth,
you're a person who resembles that, so even if you rip and scatter destiny, the way you're now is fine
The thought of deeply, deeply dyeing red the white heart
The unstoppable heartbeat, the sighs mingling, you exceeded well everything now
There's no logic to tomorrow, so love only now