Carly Simon "Christmas Is Almost Here" lyrics

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Christmas Is Almost Here

There's a hand that's old and roughAnd it's holding onTo one that's new and smallWhose life has just begunHand in handYoung and oldCalm each others fearsChristmas is almost here

There's a rocky road aheadTwo people walk aloneWondering in the fading lightIf they can find their homeWhen hope is almost goneA distant light appearsChristmas is almost here

Almost here for those in doubtFor those who must remainLeft behind when love goes coldAnd shifting life makes change

Almost here for dreamersWho think that there's a chanceThat they will find their musicAnd a partner for the dance

There's a dream that doesn't dieNow we walk as oneJustice has a gentle handAnd love is like the sun

The darkest night is pastAnd by the stars we steerChristmas is almost hereChristmas is almost here

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