Elena Parisheva "Ne na mene tiq (Не на мене тия)" lyrics

Translation to: EN

Луда бях да те обичам!
Чужда бях и не отричам.
Само моя е вината да ми вземеш ти душата.
Аплодирайте го хора,
вижте те го до мен актьора,
плаче,страда,всичко дава
пак любов ми обещава.

Само не на мене тия,
иде ми да те убия.
Писна ми все аз да губя,
да ти вярва вече друга.

Само не на мене тия
мислиш се за най-добрия,
бях и лъгана и чужда
айде вече няма нужда

Луда бях да ти прощавам,
да те чакам и да страдам.
Тази роля в сериaла, аз не съм си я избрала.
Всички реплики са стари
и лъжите по сценарий вече наизуст научих.
Да играя? Не приключих.

I was crazy for loving you
I confest that I was the other one,
It's only my fault, that you've taken my soul
People, give him round of applause,
Look at the actor next to me
Crying, suffering, ready to give everything
giving promises for love again.

I've already learned your tricks ( not literally... but that's what I came up with )
I feel like killing you
I've had enough of losing
Maybe some other girl can believe you, but not me

I've already learned your tricks
You think, that you're the best
I was lied to and I was somebody elses girl
C'mon, that's enough for me

I was crazy for forgiving you
waiting for you in pain
That's not the role in the serial, that I've picked up for me
All of the cues are old
and I've learned perfectly the scenario lies you use
Acting any more ? Nope, I've stopped.