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Gjyste Vulaj "Unë esëll, ti abuzuar" lyrics

Translation to: EN

si para nje gjumi te gjate
me jane lodhur syte
me flet si i flladitur
e kjo po me mbyt
ndjej sikur nuk bej ne hije ne djell
sepse ti me rin larg sa te kam ne qiell
nuk me then askush kam nje zemer hekur
por ti kur me rin larg
ndihem se vdekur
mos qendro si hu-gardhi para meje ti
me josh me lajka sonte ashtu siq din ti

un un un e uritur ti ti ti i ngopur je
une esell per cdo nate ti abuzuar nga ajo vjen

like before a long rest(sleep)
my eyes are tired
you speak to me as a breeze
and it is choking/drowning me
i feel like i'm not due in shade or sunlight
because you stay far from me once i have you in the sky
no one tells me i have a heart of iron
but when you stay far from me
i feel like I'm dead
don't stand in front of me like a fence
don't lure me with your insincere flattery tonight

me, me , I'm hungry, you, you, you are full
i stay sober every night, you come abused from there