Nabeel Shuail "Gani - جاني" lyrics

Translation to: EN

جاني الخاين والأناني
عايز يرجعلي تاني
حيحير فيه جاني تاني
ويسهر فيه قال يعني
يعني ولا عمره خدعني يعني
ولا سبني زمان وباعني
جاي يعملهم قال ايه علية
ده كان زمان ده كان زمان
يغلط واسامح ده كان زمان
وراح زمان وشوق زمان
ده ماضي جارح عليه هان
جاني اللي هجرني ونسيني
بيقولي وحشت عيني
بيقول اسمعله جاني تاني
وعايزني ارجعله قال يعني
يعني بيفكرني بهوانا
قال وبلحظة لقانا
وفاكرني هسامحه
وحنسى تاني
وحقرب قلبه لية

He is coming to me ,the cheater and selfish

He wants to return bak to me

He is intending to confuse me

And make me wakeful as he wants

As if he never deceived me

And never left me and sold me

He is coming to act on me

In past ,when he was making a mistake I was forgiving him

But the past is passed ,and the love is a wicked history that I could get over it

He is comig to me ,who had been abandoned me and forgot me

And he is saying that he is missing me

And he is asking me to listen to him

And wanting me to return back to him

He wants to memorize me about our love

And about our first meeting

He thinks that I maight forgive him and forget all the things again

And make his heart near to me