Fadi Andraos "Albi Dhali" lyrics

Translation to: EN

خليكي ماتفلي
ليل السهر حليه
حتى القمر يخجل
بال القمر طلي
بوعودي عيني شوفك بايدي
طفله وأنا مثلك يوعا الطفل فيي
تعبان لوحدي مدي الهنا ليي
طل الليل بقلبي ظلي
مالحقتي وصلت تاتفلي
ياما ليالي اركع صلي
وداكي الله هدية
انتي هنا عيوني فيكي
ابتدأ جنوني
شو فيها هالدني لو فيها ماتكوني

يابسمة دلوعة ناطر انا رجوعا
بغفا انا وبحلم عليها الصبح اوعى
طلة شمس انتي بتصبح علي اييييييه

Stay here, don't leave.
Sweeten the night.
Even the moon is shy...
Appear in front of the moon.
My eyes are destined to see u in my hands.
You are a child and me too, the child is awaken inside of me.
I am tired here on my own...give joy back to me.
The night is here so stay in my heart.
You have just arrived to leave that early.
I have been spending so many nights on my knees praying.
Then God give u to me as a present.
You are the joy of my eyes.
My craziness started with you.
What is this world if you are not in it?

You are a cuddley smile which I am waiting for to come back.
I sleep, dream and wake up on it.
You are a rising sun that wished me a good morning.