Mostafa Kamel "Kull sana wenta khayyin" lyrics

Translation to: EN

كل سنه وانتا خاين زي ما انتا
تعيش وتحب تاني وتجرح ألبي تاني
تفضل غدار أناني
وجارح زي ما انت
ولا كون انا النهايه ، ولا كون اخر حكايه
وتزيد الضحايا الي جارحها انتا

كل ما صوت البحر يفكر عيني بصورتك....
اندم وارجع واحمد ربي اني خسرتك....
نار الجرح خلاص خلتني بكره سيرتك
كلامك * سلامك * حنانك * وغيرتك
كان كله كذب وخداع... كان كله وهم وضياع ... كان حلم اخره الوداع
ولا همك عذاب سنيني .... ولا همك يموت حنيني .... كان وهم بينك وبيني
طبعا، واجب علياا، طبعا ، اقدم هديه
طبعا ، واجب عليا ، طبعا ، بعد التحيه اسمع ابسط هديه غنيتها عشانك انتا

انتا غرامك أاسوء ذكرى عاشت فيا
انتا مريض مولود بالجرح والانانيه
انا أتمنى الموت ولا انك ترجع ليا
أنا والله .... لازم تندم اوي عليا
انا هافضل وهاشفى دائى
انا قلبى معدش باقى
انا بعدك خلاص نهائى

انا بكره سعات لقانا
انا هاقتل سنين هوانا
كفايانا كدب و خيانه

انا سبتك لعبت دورك
انا بعت عمرى فى بحورك
انا سبتك رضيت غرورك

انا سبتك لعبت بيا
انا دورى كان الضحيه
اهى خلصت المسرحيه

انا زيك شريك وجارح
كان غدرك طليقه جامح
وانا دايما اقول مسامح

انا زيك ظلمت روحى
انا خنت املى و طموحى
وانا بدفع تمن جروحى

I wish you to be a betrayer every year , exactly like you are
You live and love again ,and hurt my heart again
You'll keep always perfidious and selfish
and painful , exactly like you are
So that I won't be the end , So that I won't be the last story
and that the victims you hurt will increase

Every time the sound of the sea reminds my eye of your face
I regret , then , I take back and I thank my god that I lost you
The hurt's fire made me hate your biography (talking about you)
Your speech , your greetings , your tenderness , and your jealousy
It was , all , lies and deception , it was all illusion and loss , it was a dream its end is Good-bye
It's Oveeer
You didn't care about my year's torment , You didn't even care about my dieing Longing , it was an illusion between me and you
It's Oveer
Of course , I must give a present , of course
Of course , I must , after the greetings , Listen to the simplest gift I sang for you

Your passion is the worst memory that lived inside me
you are sick , born with hurting and egoism (selfishness)
I wish death than you come back to me
I swear , you have to remorse for me
I'll resist and I'll heal my illness
My heart can't endure anymore
I'm done after you

I'm hating the time we met
I'll kill he years of our love
Lies and betrayal are enough !
It's over

I let you play your role
I sold my lifetime in your seas
I left you , and accepted your self-conceit
It's over

I let you play with me
My role was the victim
Now the show is over
It's over

I'm like you , a partner, and injurious
your teachery was free and wilful
And I aways forgive you
It's over

I'm like you , I wronged myself
I betrayed my hope and my ambition
And now I'm paying my hurt's price
It's over