İzel "Dayanamam" lyrics

Translation to: EN

Gel etme eyleme
Bana bir haller oluyor anla
Gel etme eyleme
Duzelir hersey belki zamanla
Dayanmak zordur sand?m
Yan?lm?s?m gordum
Cok zor degilmis unutmak anlad?m

Seni yine sevemem
Buna dayanamam
Sana kole olsam
Yine yaranamam
Biraz uzak olal?m
Belki de yarar
Gor bak o zaman kim kimi arar

Come, don't do this
Some things are happening to me, understand
Come don't do this
Maybe everything will get better through time
I thought it's easy to resist
I saw that i was wrong
i understood that It's not so hard to forget

I can't love you again
I can't stand this
If i be your slave
I still wouldn't be of any good
Let's put a distance/ stay apart
Maybe it will help
Then we'll see who longs for who?