Meda "Vdis" lyrics


Ti zgjohesh nga gjumi tuj mendu per mu

dhe prap mirmengjesi tjeter kujt i thu

si shum net te tjera mbrem ke qar me lot

qka kan zemrat njerzit e din veq nje zot

vdis o vdis vdis e mos fal puthje pa dashni

se ma mir лshtл zemra me u ban hi

ma mir лshtл me ik nga kjo bot plot me rrena

se me than qka sta thot zemra

Nata vjen ngadal I mbyll syt e tu

prap naten e mir tjeter kujt I thu

edhe sonte endrra na bashkon n'ket bot

neser ku do t'jemi e di veq nje zot


You wake up thinking of me

And still to who else do you good morning to?

Like many other nights and evenings you have cried

What do the hearts of others withhold only one God knows

Die oh die, die and don't give kisses without love

'cuz it is much better for the heart to become a shadow

It's much better to leave from this world full of lies

'cuz they told me what the heart doesn't tell you

The night comes slowly, i close your eyes

Still, who else do you say goodnight to

Also tonight, a dream unites us in this world

Where we will be tomorrow, only one God knows

Here one can find the English lyrics of the song Vdis by Meda. Or Vdis poem lyrics. Meda Vdis text in English. This page also contains a translation, and Vdis meaning.