Calvin Harris "Here 2 China" lyrics

Here 2 China

[Intro: Dizzee Rascal]YeahYoAlright let me just cool this right now quickly

[Verse 1: Dizzee Rascal]Super trippy riding through the gritty inner cityRoll with the committeeHandle your business or handle the pityAll I see is lots of tittiesI know bunch of hippie chicksThat's ready to show me tricksThey doing the splitsI'm all up in the mixA choir out the mistI'm taking tripsI'm in the Ferrari looking sickI'm in the Ferrari looking slickLetting the engine ripAnd getting a tireA' grippin' ah slippin' and slidin'Turning the music upI'm vibing now I'm flyingLord strap me if I'm lyingI ain't perfect but I'm tryingGoing super sire and buyingAnything that catches my eyeCause I'm a provider getting it in from here to chinaIt's so minor I'm a survivor, never retireI'm a black tiger ready to blaze to the fire, live wireNow I'm rolling through the shiresBlazing the green to get me higherNow I'm inspiredPutting the pressure on the back tiresMaking a hasty get awayHaving a better day in every wayThan yesterdayI guess there’s nothing left to say

[Refrain (Dizzee Rascal) x8:]Getting it in from here to china (getting it in from here to china)

[Verse 2: Dizzee Rascal]Wind in my faceChilling in Versace shadesWearing a fresh pair of gazeLooking like car just been paidStupid I don’t play no gamesSwitching out lanes on these lamesSwitching out dames simple and plainNo I can't be containedPlus I'm raw and untamedI'm so far from mundaneGetting ghost is my aimI suggest you do the sameTaking a trip out to SpainWith my girl Mary JaneAnd she stays on my brainLike a big gravy trainPapparazi on my caseGiving chaseCameras flashing in my faceAll up in my spaceGotta pick up the paceSinging Amazing GraceI'm in an amazing placeWith crazy pape'sI ain't like them other lazy apesI used to blaze the tapesSo now I stays hoping for my breakMaking no mistakesNow I rolling with the breaksBut still book time for my original matesSo we don't bubble with hateWe just get on with itYou brothers are constipatedAnd your shit is over should save it

[Refrain x8]

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