Madrugada "I'm Not Afraid" lyrics

Translation to: EL

I still have the scars
But the knife is gone
I still dress to kill
And I jump like a leopard
But I wouldn't know where to run
Oh I still fear for our defeat
Even though I know all of our battles were won
So where are you?
Who had me doing what I do
It was never enough fun
But it was better when we were two
I need a helping hand
I need a trigger, I need an aim
I see your new mercenaries
I see them leaning on the steel
I see the black cats and the buckets of blood
But it doesnt seem right nor real
I see dealers in the street
And I ask them for ammunition
But I just can't land a deal
So where are you?
You had me doing what I do
Nearly all my friends are gone
And you're gone too
They say my arm has gone limp
And frankly I can't tell what I feel
No, I'm not afraid
This is what I've been trained for
No, I'm not afraid
You know I've walked alone before
And I can do it once more
No, I'm not afraid
But my opponents, they are worthless
And I dont care to go to war
So where are you?
You had me doing what I do
I could easily stand alone
But I wanna stand with you
Oh, baby
Couldn't we be the killer couple
That we, that we were before?