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Eluveitie "Tovtatis" lyrics

Translation to: EN

Sondei sistamos
Toexrexti au noxti
Sepomor ateras seni in cridiiobi
Auii in menuanbiuer oinon sistamos
In ueniia
In touta
In cenetlei
Dlixomos snis
Ne snis dibrogíator
Enepon toutateis toaidíat uer snis
Beramos uolugatun
Silon antumni sexetor
Toutatis toexrexet etic rata buont uer
Snis buont rata esous iccatis dagos suuispe uer snis
Taranis nertacos aresnisueððet

Here we stand
Arisen from the night
Following our ancestors, our forebears in our hearts, our descendants in our minds
Side by side we stand
In our family
In our tribe
In our nation
May we be found worthy
May we not be banished
May Toutatis lift his face and shine upon us
We will carry the torch
The offspring of antumnos will follow
May Toutatis arise and bless us
May Esus, the good, wise and panacean bless us
May Taranis, the strong guide us