Mohammed Fouad "Ya nasy roo7y" lyrics

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Ya nasy roo7y

جرحتك حبيبي جرحتك سامحنيبعادك حبيبي في قلبي جارحنيقول لعنيك حبايبي دايما تفتكرنيياناسي روحي ياناسي عيني امنتك حبيبي بالخير افتكرنيده كفايه جرح المر وايامي اللي مش بتمروكفايه كفايه كفايه ان انت مش جمبيقلبي بيبكي علي كل يوم فراقفي بعدك حياتي مافيهاش غير اشتياقسيبتك وانا مش عايز اسيبك وانا قلبي حزينذنبك ايه تستني حبيبك وتضيع في السنينليه تأخدك أحزاني ماهي كده كده واخدانيليه تندم ليه تتعب وحياتي لتنساني

Ya nasy roo7y

I hurt you my darling, I hurt you, forgive me

Your distance is aching in my heart, darling

Tell your darling eyes to always remember me

Oh the one who has forgotten my sould, oh the one who has forgotten my eyes, I beg you darling remember me positively

I've had enough of this sour wound and my days that pass so slowly

And it's more than enough that you aren't beside me

My heart cries with every day you're gone

Without you my life is full of longing

I left you, but I didn't want to leave you, and my heart is sad

Is it a crime to wait your lover and be lost in the years

Why did my sadness take you, either way it's taken me

Why have regrets, why be tired, I swear by you, do not forget me

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