Blutengel "Secret Places" lyrics

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Secret Places

I will follow him - I will follow him

I'm lost in thoughts while I am walking through the rain.I cannot grasp what has happened in the past.I feel this coldness deep inside my lonely life.But I can see a face, those healthy eyes, a heart that will save my soul.

I will follow him - I will follow him

He is the saviour of my broken heartI feel salvation by his sideBut when the day is goneAnd the night has comeI wish that he'll never let me go.

He is the saviour of my dying soul,I see a bright light in his eyes.He takes my hand and says:Free your mindAnd follow me into my world (into my world).

It's a new dawn and all my nightmares are far away.I open my eyes and feel a warm breeze on my skin.And in the distance I hear a never ending callHe is my leader and I will follow him where ever he may go.

Show me places where I've never been beforeSecret places where a light shall shine so brightWe'll leave the shadows behind when we'll fly awayThis is the sign that I'm waiting for...

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