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Hamada Helal "Kan Bina 7ob" lyrics

Translation to: EN

kan bena 7ob kan feh mash3er akber a7sas fe 2alb
kan fe sar7a begad we 3omro makan kadab
kan fe 7ob bas mafesh 7`eda3 7ob 7ob
leh kol 7aga 7loh 3omrha osayr
leh kol she2 fe 3yona dayman yet3`yar
edetak kol 3omry da7et besnen 7ayaty
da ana men 3`erak ya 3omry mesh 3aref a3esh 7ayty
(without you my life I dont know how to live life)

loved used to live between us..deep emotions and feelings used to live in this heart.
honesty used to live here..no place for lies
love used to live here without cheating.. only love
why all the beautifull things in this world have a short life term? /or/ beautiful things couldnt live long
why is everything changing in our eyes?
I gave you my life.. I sacrificed my years