Ramy Sabry "Maak (معاك)" lyrics

Translation to: EN

معاك نفسي اعيش وانت جنبي هنا
مقدرش اغيب والله عنك انا
اجمل ما فينا حبيبي اننا
في الحب تاني مفيش زينا

في حاجه فيك غير كل الناس
عمر ما كان في كده احساس
داللي في قلبي وبحلم بيه
عشتو معاك يا حبيبي خلاص

مهما حكيت عنك بكلام
حبك ليه ده احلى غرام
واللي اتعاش يا حبيبي معاك
مش موجود غير ف الاحلام

I wanna live with you here by my side
I swear I can't leave you
and the most beautiful thing about us my love,
Is that there's no other couple like us

there's something about you that doesn't exist in others
there's never been such a feeling
because I'm already living what's in my heart and what I've always been dreaming of

No matter what I say about you
Why is your love just the best love ever?
and What's been lived with you
does only exist in dreams