Hani Shaker "Mat Hadedish" lyrics

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Mat Hadedish

ما تهدديش بالانسحابمن حياتي والغيابما تهدديش قلبي اللي حبكبالالم وبالعذابلو كنت بحر انا السحابان كنت حرف انا الكتابان كنت قادرة مترجعيشمترجعيششمس بكره مش عينيكبكره من غيرك وبيكيزي منا محتاج وجودكمحتاجيني ما تنكريشكوني فرح العمر كلهكوني نور قلبي وظلهكوني شمس ما تغربيشما تهدديشحبك انتي مش نهايةدانتي جزء من الحكايةايوة دخلتك حياتيواقدر انساكي واعيش

Mat Hadedish

Don't threaten me by withdrawing

From my life and disappearing

Don't threaten my heart which loved you

by pain and torture

If you were a sea ,i'm the cloud

If you were a letter , i'm the book

If you are able to not coming back

So ,don't come back

The sun of tomorrow is not your eyes

Tomorrow with you or without you

As i'm needing your existence

You need me also ,don't deny

Be my life's whole happiness

Be my heart's light and it's shadow

Be the sun ,and don't move away

Don't threaten

Your love is not the end

You are just a part of the story

Yes i entered you to my life

But i can forget you and to live