Tracy Chapman "A hundred years" lyrics

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A hundred years

Baby, sweet babyWon't you pleaseCome on back home to meI've been so lonelyThese few days feel likeA hundred years

How you make me worry, babyHow you make me worry about youHere I am, I'm knowingThat I can't live without youHere I am thinkingSomeday we make this a long time thingHere I am, I'm knowingThat I would do most anythingIf you keep on loving meBaby

Baby, sweet babyI've been waitingSeem like waiting is all I doDon't say you won't come back to meAnd make me have to go outChasing after you

We get in a fightYou stay out lateYou have no ideaHow much you make me worry, babyCalled everyone in townI think, you knowSo come on nowCome on, come onBack home

Baby, sweet babyI'm a fool in loveBut I still got my pride, tooI'll wait a little longerI'll suffer for my heartThen I'll go find someone to worry about meAs much as I wory about you

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