Abdul Majeed Abdullah "Antehel Shakhseetak (أنتحل شخصيتك)" lyrics

Translation to: EN

أنتحل شخصيتك وأوقف أمام مرايتي
‎وأضمني وأحبني واحكيلي وش سوى زمان

‎وش حيلتي لا صرت لي في الدنيا هذه حاجتي
‎مع إني ما كنت أعتقد هالحب يلقى بي مكان

‎هزمتني، هزمتني وأقلقت فيني راحتي
‎كم قلتها ما راح أحب، خدعني برك يالأمان

‎علقتني، خليتها باللون الابيض رايتي
‎مستسلم وكلي رجاء وأجيك وكلي لك حنان

‎قبل أعترف ما أخفيك أنا يا دنيتي ويا غايتي
‎فكرت بإني ما أعترف وأداري شوقي لا يبان

‎خفت تشمت بي وأنا يا عمري ما هي عادتي
‎أرضى لأحد يضحك علي بس البلا فات الأون

‎ما قلت لك، من وقتها وأنا على سجادتي
‎أدعي عسى الله يقربك، والله كريم ومستعان

‎حتى ولو ما صرت لي بوقف أمام مرايتي
‎وبانتحل شخصيتك وأشكي لك وش سوى زمان

I impersonate you and stand before my mirror
and I hug myself and love myself and tell myself what time has done

What can I do if you've become my need in this world?
Even though I never thought this love would find me somewhere

You defeated me, defeated me, and made me restless
How many times did I say that I will not love? Your shore tricked me with its safety

You hooked me, made my flag white
Surrendered, full of hope, coming to you with compassion

Before I confess, I will not lie to you, my world and my goal,
that I considered not confessing, and to hide my longing

I was afraid you would look down on me, my love, for it's not my habit to
accept it when someone laughs at me, but now it's too late

Didn't I tell you that ever since then I have been on my prayer carpet
asking God to bring you closer, and God is gracious and helpful

Even if you didn't become mine, I will stand before my mirror
And impersonate you, and complain to you about what time has done