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Yara "Maroum (ماروم)" lyrics

Translation to: EN

ماروم يارايح عن العين
يامسافر على وين
ماروم اذا ماشفتك اليوم
تقعد الدنيا وتقوم
ماروم انا ماروم انا
ماروم انا من فراقكم ماروم انا
وش صار عني ليه بتروح
تملي قلبي جروح
وش صار تبي تقطع بالاخبار
عيني وقلبي لك دار
اهواك خليني ايديني بيديك
وبروحي انا افديك اهواك
لاتحرمني لقياك عمري خلي وياك

I can't bear your disappearance from my sight
where are you heading for?
I can't bear not seeing you for one day
the world goes upside down( The world keeps spinning round)
I can't..I can't
I can't bear to be separated from you
What happened? why are you going away?
leaving my heart hurts so much
what happened? why you want to disappear?
my eye and my heart are a home for you
I love you..let my hand hold your hand
I would lay down my life for you..I love you
do not stop me from seeing you..My love..Let me be with you