The Weeknd "X-Ray" lyrics

Translation to:elsrtr


[Hook:]I’m looking through you like an x-rayI’m trying to figure if your love’s fakeGive or take, couple daysShould I wait? Am I late?Thinking hard, got me going insane

Beaming through your doorI see right through your faultsEyes tryna feed me more liesGirl I’m on top, of all your little side plansAll your little side mansAll in for your waist and I must have been out my mind

[Pre-Hook:]Girl you had to be so slick to go through all themBad dudes, had to be the first to stop you cause

[Hook x2]

Running through them boysYou play me like a toyAnd 'bout to here that noiseWhen I find out your thoughts girlSweating on the outside shaking on the insideGirl I’m reading your mind (and it's filled with lies)


[Hook x2]

Girl you're out of love(Girl You Know you're out of love so)Packed up all your stuffGirl you had your chance butThis time, this time was your last

[Hook x2]

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