Jannat "Gawaz Safary (جواز سفري)" lyrics

Translation to:enzh

Gawaz Safary (جواز سفري)

يا مصر آه ..طمنتينى على أحوالكالله عليكى يا مصر اللهشعبك آه ..وقف حراس على بابكوالجيش المصرى وقف معاه

جيتك وخدت تأشيرةوكل تأخيرة وفيها خيرةيا مصر تعيشى يا كبيرةوإن شاء الله هتزول الغمة

جواز سفري دا فى إيديابيقول لك اشهدى عليابحبك وافديكى بعنياطب يللا بقى شغل بذمة

وبصورة آه ..مشرفة وقفو ولادكفى الشدة كانو رجالةوالمعرفة فرقت بجد وياهموجسدوا أعظم حالة


Oh Egypt oh.. you have reassured me about how you areGod is with you EgyptYour people stand like guards are at your doorsAnd the Egyptian army is with him

I came to you and I took a visaAnd each delay is fineYou shall live oh Great EgyptAnd if God wants sorrow will go away

My passport is in my handsHe tells you be my witnessI love you and my protect you with my eyesSo let's go I have to work

And your sons showed an honorable behaviourThey were brave during bad daysAnd with them knowledge dispersedAnd they embodied the greatest case

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